Magnolia S.E.E.D.s


Our S.E.E.D.s Program has been put on hold until we find a new home for our studio which will accommodate this expansion of classes. Please inquire for your daughter's future enrollment.

SEEDs is an after-school program for young women (13-18 yrs). The class meets 2 days a week throughout the school year. Participants will receive instruction in American Tribal Style Dance and will use journals and talking circles to discuss a range of issues including self-esteem, body-image, financial independence, and personal goals. There will be performance opportunities throughout the year.


Class will meet regularly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00-6:00 PM. The program will run from September through the middle of May. There will be no classes during most school holidays, including Winter and Spring breaks. Classes will take place at Nomadic Tapestry 1219 C Jordan Lane in Huntsville AL.

Program Cost

Though the SEEDs program is run mostly on grants and donations, we do ask for students to make a monthly contribution to help us cover basic costs. We are requesting of each student a monthly payment of $80. There are some scholarships available. Please contact us if you have questions. If you are looking to make a payment for classes or workshops, please see our Magnolia S.E.E.D.s payment page.

What to Wear

Wear dance attire or comfortable clothing (No jeans). There will be a lot of movement and stretching. Also, because this dance form focuses on the hips and abdomen, it is best to wear clothing that makes this area visible. However, bare midriffs are not required. No shoes.

What to Bring

Bring a pen and journal to every class. Bring your school calendar on the first day.

What You Must Purchase

Each girl is asked to purchase a few items which we will order for you at our wholesale discount: Student Zils $15, and purchase material to make pantaloons, wrap top, and dancebelt. In addition, you must also purchase a dance journal on your own.

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