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Artemis Mourat's

Follow Up Turkish Intensive

April 5th, 6th, & 7th, 2019

15 hours of  Instruction over 3 days!

Artemis Mourat's Follow Up Turkish Intensive

This weekend is open to all who have participated in her Turkish Intensives in the past.

Please come and learn new material and review.

Friday April 5th 3-5pm & 6-9pm 5 hours

Saturday April 6th noon til 6pm 6 hours

Sunday April 7th 10 am til 2pm 4 hours

One hour privates are available on Friday and Sat before and after class times. $75 for an hour. Please contact Lisa for reserving privates.

Artemis Mourat is looking at the subjects you wanted reviewed and covered. Artie will be planning the specific times and days. Registration send to: $150 to payment@nomadictapestry.com


Petite Jamilla

Single and Double Veil Workshop June 9th

Petite Jamilla will be teaching 2 different veil workshops on June 9th. A single veil (technique + Choreo) 1-3pm - $30. Then from 3:30-5:30pm -$75 there will be an advanced level only LIMITED SPACE Double Veil Intensive with emphasis on spinning how-to's.

Privates are available for 75.00 an hour paid directly to the instructor.

Workshop and Intensive Rates


Aziza Nawal

Drum Solo & Khaleeji Workshop July 14 12 - 4:30

Aziza Nawal Workshop

Aziza Nawal is renowned for her dance artistry, impeccable timing and dynamic stage presence. She has worked with many legendary drummers - most notably, the King of Drum Issam Houshan.

In this workshop, Aziza Nawal will demonstrate her unique technique and musical interpretation that will translate into a thrilling choreography. You will learn to differentiate rhythms commonly used in drum solo performances and leave with combinations useful in creating your own choreography.

Khaleeji This folk dance originated in the Persian Gulf region and is typically performed in a long sequined dress called thobe al nasha’ar. In this class, Aziza Nawal will teach you a choreography featuring the common movements used in this dance. She will also have several thobes available for you to use during the this workshop.


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